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Your Family Deserves Forward-Thinking Legal Counsel

When your family faces uncertainty, the stress and high emotions can be overwhelming. Placing family law issues in someone else’s hands is not always easy – but the right hands can give you vital information and encouragement.

At The Law Office of Alyease Jones, we deeply honor the trust of our clients. Our approach to family law issues makes you and your family our top priority. Going through these issues alone can be risky; discuss your case with us today to make a strategic plan for tomorrow.

Support for Life’s Most Sensitive Problems

Our firm specifically focuses on Illinois family law, including cases that involve:

Family law issues are personal. We know that your case is more than a legal process; it is your life. At the end of the day, we want you to move forward in life with confidence and grace.

We Start Every Case Fresh

Every family is different: different relationship dynamics, different goals and different stories. That is why we treat each client with special care. We adapt our approach to suit you personally. We will listen to you, get to know what you want out of your case, and take the necessary steps to achieve results.

Attorney Alyease Jones — also known as Lady Justice Chicago — is honest about what to expect during litigation, court hearings and DCFS investigations. While resolving your case, you can rely on her friendly service and reassuring guidance at every step of the process.

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The Law Office of Alyease Jones will not give up when legal issues endanger your relationships, children or financial status. For a free case consultation, call or email us to get in touch. We can forge a path to overcome the challenges ahead.