National Love Your Lawyer Day

Why not celebrate a day of love?  Today is no exception.  November 04, 2016 is “National Love Your Lawyer Day”.  Seriously.  There is a day that has been designated to shower love on the legal profession, specifically lawyers.  Is this a stupid holiday?  You be the judge.

However, lawyers need love too.  It should not be limited to one day of the year.  Service is the center of the legal profession. Lawyers serve their clients, and the best of the lawyers understand that service is the core of the profession.  15 years ago this day was created.  The creator of this day must have realized that there are times when lawyers feel unappreciated and undervalued.

Will this day fill that void?  Of course not, but if you know a lawyer take the time to appreciate them today and every day.  To all the lawyers:  be careful not to violate any rules of ethics while accepting all this “love”.

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