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The Law Office of Alyease Jones Oct. 15, 2016

Attorneys come in different sizes, shapes, and colors.  As a potential client, it is important to find the right attorney to represent you.  When selecting an attorney for any matter, a potential client must decide several things.  I have come up with a quick list of things a potential client must decide when choosing the right attorney to represent their interest. It should be noted that this list is not all-inclusive. First, a potential client must decide do they “like” their attorney.  This may be an odd thing to state. However, it is important that you like the person that you hire to represent you.  It is difficult to assess a personality in a short consultation, but a person can determine if their attorney is likable.  During your first meeting, determine if you like the way the attorney represents themselves to you.

Second, a potential client must decide the objective in hiring an attorney.  A potential client should know what is the purpose of hiring an attorney to represent your legal needs.  The potential client reaching out to an attorney should have a rough idea of why an attorney is needed.  In some cases, it is very easy to determine your objectives.  For instance, if you are researching a family law attorney because your marriage is “on the rocks”, then more than likely you want a divorce.  It is important that a potential client decides what is their purpose in hiring an attorney.

Finally, a potential client must decide if their attorney is affordable.  When hiring an attorney, it is important to be realistic about your personal finances.  Find an attorney that is affordable.  Please keep in mind that finding someone affordable does not mean foregoing quality. Some mistakes are costlier than others, and hiring the wrong attorney can be expensive and time-consuming.  A potential client cannot afford to hire the wrong person.

“Lawyers are like wine—you can pay a lot of money for a fancy bottle that tastes like vinegar, or you can find a good deal that fits your budget and your palate alike” Karen A. Covy.