Do I Really Need an Attorney?

Last week, I had someone ask me did I think an Attorney was necessary for their matter.  My response, “I’m an Attorney—of course I think an Attorney is necessary”.  Everyday people enter courthouses without an Attorney present to handle their legal matter. In the legal stratosphere, these individuals are called pro se.

These individuals make a decision that either an Attorney is not necessary to handle their legal matter or that an Attorney was necessary, but instead of paying an Attorney it is more beneficial or efficient to handle their own matter. Pro se litigants may not realize the value of an Attorney.  Attorneys are experts in the law, but Attorneys also provide their clients with a peace of mind.  It is difficult for many individuals to handle their everyday life and worry about a separate, pending legal matter.  Attorneys handle the law while you handle your everyday life.

Most Attorneys, the attorneys that are really invested, assist you with handling your life issues as well.  Attorneys are not only experts in law, but Attorneys are counselors.  If you ever have a conversation with a lawyer, then I am pretty certain they can tell you about a time where they counseled their client with a “life” issue.  Yes; you really need an Attorney.  However, you do not have to take my advice.  I am an Attorney.  But,  “He who represents himself has a fool for a client.”

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