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Get Divorce Counsel That Mirrors Your Goals

Moving on from a relationship is hard enough on its own, but moving on from a marriage can be even more complicated. When you share finances, children and property with a spouse, it is important to take the right steps for your future.

The Law Office of Alyease Jones works with families to reach a divorce outcome that matches your needs. With the many questions that you might have about the divorce process, make sure that you are getting clear, helpful answers from a trusted lawyer. We are ready to give you direct, personalized service.

Attentive To All Features Of Your Family

There are many issues that divorce brings to the forefront, such as:

  • How to divide property fairly, including your home, retirement accounts and other assets
  • How to give children the best parenting arrangement possible
  • Whether to settle the divorce or go to trial
  • Whether spousal maintenance would be appropriate

Attorney Alyease Jones — also known as Lady Justice Chicago — pays attention to the full scope of your case and situation. She can partner with you to explain how Illinois law impacts your options and obligations. She also works to maximize the money and value that you walk away with at the end of the divorce, which is especially important if you have children to support.

Doing Divorce “Right” Is All About Your Needs

Many of our clients want to know the best way to successfully complete the divorce process. However, what success means to you in any family law case will depend on your unique goals and circumstances.

In many cases, we find it most cost-effective and efficient to negotiate fair divorce settlements without going to court. Often, we coach couples through the process of an amicable split with agreements that make the most sense for their lives. During negotiations, however, we will make sure that your interests do not fall through the cracks.

If the situation would make a settlement unfair to you, we are ready to protect you in a divorce trial. Alyease Jones customizes each trial strategy – down to every detail.

Start Divorce From A Position Of Strength

Make your voice heard in the divorce process by collaborating with a skilled divorce lawyer. At The Law Office of Alyease Jones, we will closely analyze the details of your property and other divorce issues to determine how to get fair results.

Call 630-326-5697 or email our office in Chicago to schedule your free initial consultation. We offer flexible fee structures to make divorce representation as accessible and cost-effective as possible.